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Neon is still widely used, and it has certain benefits as well

1. Neon has a nice, warm "glow" to it that LED has not yet been able to match.
2. Neon is Still Unique to Some Signage

Using neon to outline individual shapes or letters is still uniquely neon (for now anyway), so it will continue to be an excellent choice for the right use. Neon has a long history, having been used for nearly a century.

As an established technology, it's reliable. You know what you're going to get from it. It's everywhere, all over the world, and finding dealers and servicers for neon signs is extremely easy in virtually any city worldwide.

Additionally, many believe that neon light is more aesthetically pleasing. It gives off a much "warmer" light than LED lights do. Thanks to its association with the Art Deco movement and countless films showing drizzly, neon-drenched city streets, it does have an undeniable romance to it.

Using a well-designed, well-placed neon sign to promote your brand and products gives your business a great chance of becoming successful.

A neon sign in the window of your store, or a neon sign outside your business is still today a very effective method in promoting important information about your business.

Stand-alone neon signs can be used for wayfinding as well as providing information on your business are also a cost-efficient and effective method of spreading the message. At www.neonconnection.co.za we manufacture a wide array of signage solutions for all your business needs, but one of our specialities is the design and manufacture of neon signs which today are included in many businesses marketing strategies.

These highly colourful tubes of light have been part and partial of so many businesses around the world for many years and the widespread use of neon signs have become important aspects of any business venture.

Neon signs with the word "OPEN" indicates that your store is open for business. By using this simple and effective marketing signage, potential customers are invited into to your business shop and browse. An 'Open' sign is warm invitation to potential clients to enter your store and is also a subtle way to greet and welcome new and old customers.

Nowadays, business owners have a lot more options to choose from. For example, the use of LED signs has increased in popularity of late. This is why neon signs are not as widespread in use as they used to be once. Despite this though, many small and midsize businesses continue to invest in these signs.

This is primarily because neon signs still offer a wide range of benefits. For starters, a neon tube can last for years, if not decades.

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Neon Signage

Some business use over-the-top signs to draw the customer's attention. However, neon signs achieve this with their incredible vibrancy and vitality. Without going overboard, these signs are easy to view from long distances as well. Neon signs offer immense variety in terms of shapes and colours.

It is worth noting that large business establishments usually have deep pockets. As a result, they can afford expensive marketing gimmicks and advertising campaigns. However, smaller businesses often do not have this luxury. Therefore, they utilise anything that can attract customers without busting their budgets: from vehicle signs to other kinds of signage.

For maximum effectiveness, consider incorporating your business logo into your neon signs.

Adding icons like a steaming coffee cup or scissors is a great way to instantly inform people that you are a coffee shop a hair salon.

The use of neon signs is a convenient way to tell people what your business is all about.

With over 18 years of experience, www.neonconnection.co.za is more than qualified to provide all your signage needs, but our favourite signage is neon sign creations and installation.

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