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Neon Connection - The Best Way to Get Your Business Noticed!

Getting your business name out in the world is hugely important for your bottom line. There are many ways to advertise, from print ads to posters to signwriting in the sky.

However, many of those methods are expensive and don’t remain in the viewer’s mind. Believe it or not, one of the best and most cost-effective ways to advertise your business is with a neon sign!

There are several ways a neon sign will get your business noticed:

Warrina Cineplex Cinema Neon Signage
  1. If your sign is outdoors it can be seen from far away distances, in any weather condition. If it’s big and bright and colourful, people will remember it and there’s a better chance they’ll use your services.  You may be thinking to yourself, aren’t neon signs expensive and take up a lot of electricity? The answer to both those questions is no! Neon signs are actually the cheapest form of advertising because they can be left on 24/7 and use no more electricity than a standard light bulb!
  2. Secondly, you can advertise specific items in your store that you want to promote, such as products that have a high margin. If you’re a bar or restaurant, neon signs of beer brands catch the eye of undecided buyers. Simple neon signs like “Billiards” or “Popcorn” will subliminally attract people and you’ll see more sales of items you have hanging on your wall in bright lights.
  3. When you have a custom neon sign with your business name radiating vibrantly, it can attract people’s eye from faraway places like no other form of outdoor advertising, much more so than a sign made of wood or plastic. Neon signs can be made in any size, design, font, or colour, and make a lasting impression of your business when seen by all.
  4. Neon will always give you the brightest and greatest distance for visual advertising.
  5. Neon signs are a traditional form of illuminated signage. Neon is formed into the shape of letters and logos to convey your message using various colours.  Neon signage letters of any shape or size even logo’s and pictures, bent out of glass tube with a chemical inside that is hard wired to illuminate at night. We can supply and install Neon to any design or application a client may need.

We provide high quality workmanship and lasting appeal with our products. If you want your signs and lettering to really make a statement then neon is your best choice for visual impact.

Neon lighting is a versatile medium that allows you to form letters, logos and a huge variety of shapes in almost every colour imaginable.

Neon signs also enable you to attract attention to your business day and night.

Contact Neon Connection today and make a difference for your company tomorrow!

History of Neon

Neon Lit Neon signage

Neon has been in commercial use for signage and lighting purposes since the 1920’s.

The tubes and fixing methods have remained much the same since that time, only transformer technology and electronic control systems have changed significantly. Over the years many inventions have been hailed as "the replacement for neon”,   but none have come close to the light output and true vibrancy of "real" neon.

Our tubes are made in-house giving us complete control over production and delivery times. As a company we are completely flexible, in fact, if you have an urgent project or repair we can often turn a job around in the time our competitors take to do the paperwork.

Neon Signs

Neon has long been used as a truly vibrant source of illumination for signage all over the world. It is not always apparent that neon is being used in a sign. Built-up letters are one example of this. Neon gives smooth, bright and reliable illumination to built-up metal letters with acrylic faces or for a stunning halo effect.

LEDs are being used quite widely for this purpose but people are returning to neon because LEDs simply do not have the brilliance and range of colours.

Other uses for Neon

Neon can be used in dozens of different ways. For instance it can highlight the front of a building or a feature window display. There is nothing quite as eye catching as the sharp bright line of a neon tube to bring life to an otherwise dull display.

Animated neon tubes chasing flashing and fading can also bring a moving dimension to your display.

Neon - What you need to know!
  1. Colours

    Neon colours are made up using a combination of gas (blue or red) various fluorescent powders and the use of coloured glass. Colours using coloured tubing tend to be more expensive than clear tube with fluorescent coating only.

  2. Outdoor

    Neon can be employed perfectly well indoors or out. Our outdoor transformers are insulated and we use the latest high performance silicone insulated cables.

  3. Cables

    The neon tubes must be connected to a transformer using HT cables. In turn the tubes are connected in series to each other and back to the transformer.

Neon Signage has been around since 1912

Neon Signs have been a popular choice close to a century for retail store fronts, restaurants and even service businesses and can be seen as a simple `open' sign to a complex art installations, communicating information with style and urgency.

Although historians estimate the first experiments with lighted glass tubes happened as far back as the late 1600s, neon signs as we know them have only existed for a little over a century. Sir William Ramsay won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1904 after discovering a series of `new gases` including Neon. By 1910, French engineer Georges Claude perfected the neon lamp. Claude's business partner sold the first neon sign for business to a barber in Paris two years later.


Neon signs have attracted attention since their introduction. They have the ability to be seen even during daylight hours. Due to their high visibility, they became extremely popular during the expansion of Americas roadside culture in the 1950s and 1960s.


Though neon signs have changed very little since their introduction in the 1920s, neon has not always been a component of signage marketing tools. There was a resurgence of neon signage in the late 1990s, and lighting engineers advanced the process of using different gas mixtures to expand signs' colour spectrum. A `neon` sign today may contain helium, carbon dioxide or argon gases depending on the colour.

With advent of LED {light emitting diode}and fibre optic technologies, there has been a major move to use LED`s which provide more efficient signage, often shaped into familiar, neon-like forms.


When selecting neon signs for business, company owners must account for both the message sent by a sign and the aesthetic the sign lends to its surroundings.


From a more practical standpoint, neon signs have become an expected and universally understood way of communicating whether a store is really open for business or not.

A trend in the USA, is for owners of `vintage neon signs` to attract spectators as well as customers. Restoration societies and historic commissions ae working hard to preserve some of the USA's most beloved and iconic neon signs, bringing prestige to the businesses that have maintained them over the decades.

The Best Way to get your Business Noticed is to use NeonConnection.co.za
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